Sunday, November 2, 2014

Papercup Cafe, Stanmore

Looking for an underrated cafe in the Inner West that offers good coffee and food but isn't swarming with every other brunch-loving person in Sydney? Look no farther than Papercup in Stanmore! Sourcing their breads and pastries from Brickfields and coffee from Coffee Alchemy, Papercup clearly have great taste and love supporting local businesses. 

Cappuccino $3.50

Coffee Alchemy is one of my favourite coffees and Papercup definitely do them justice. Strong, smooth and gorgeously presented, the coffee is a winner here!

Smoked salmon roll with boiled egg, local ricotta and dill $8

The food selection is quite small and centered on small and easy-to-eat options with the largest meal on the menu being shakshuka eggs. I suppose the small food selection would be a turn off for some but I personally found it refreshing. Simple and good quality food, I appreciated the quality over quantity approach. The salmon roll was simple, fresh and perfect on a sunny morning with my delicious coffee.

Ham roll with scrambled egg, tomato relish and pecorino cheese $8

A warm and comforting option, a ham and egg roll is breakfast perfection. Like the salmon roll, the ham roll was presented on a super fluffy bread roll and the pecorino cheese was a luxe addition.

Latte $3.50

I'm a big fan of Papercup. It was a great local cafe for me for so long with a quiet vibe and reliable selection of brunch options. My only gripe is that Paper Cup is closed on Sundays so sadly, you'll have to get in quick on a Saturday! Don't be deterred by the small food selection, the food they do have is simple and delicious so just sit back, enjoy a coffee and then enjoy the sunshine!

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Papercup Cafe
Shop 2, 157-161 Cambridge St
Stanmore NSW 2048

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Omnivorius Party by Badoit, Australian National Maritime Museum

The Omnivore World Tour rolled its way into Sydney at the start of October and boy did it leave its mark! A world wide festival celebrating young chefs from across the globe, Omnivore featured a series of masterclasses led by innovative chefs as well as refined popup dinners in some of Sydney's best restaurants. At its core, Omnivore is all about the best food you can imagine by some of the most talented chefs today. I was lucky enough to be invited to the pièce de résistance of the event, Omnivorous by Badoit, a glorious party which marked the end of the festival's stint in Sydney.

Smoked wagyu brisket rolls - Papi Chulo, Sydney

To absolutely no surprise the smoked wagyu brisket rolls from Papi Chulo was the top dish of the night. And for good reason, it was delicious! The wagyu brisket was carved right in front of you and the gorgeous scent tickled your sense as soon as you walked into the party. Unfortunately the status of top dish of the night meant it was also one of the quickest to pack up shop.

Seared bonito with pickled wakame and citrus curd - 4Fourteen and Four in Hand, Sydney 

Frito pie - Nouveau Palais, Montreal

Wagyu beef tartare, umeboshi plum, sea banana and squid cracker - Bar H, Sydney

Potato, lap cheong, jalapeno - Pinbone, Sydney

This dish was my personal favourite. The description invoked a different dish so when I laid my eyes on the unique masterpiece I was intrigued and then delighted by the absolutely killer flavour. Not a calorie friendly canape but one that brought out sheer joy and delight in your face as soon as it hit your tongue. 

Nomad's house made kransky, buttermilk buns, fermented cabbages and gruyere - Nomad, Sydney

Another distinct winner of the night. It was pretty difficult to get a nice photo of these beautiful baby buns under the harsh light but with their cheesy goodness it would've been a crime not to put up a photo. Nomad's been on my list for months now but these kransky's pushed it to the top of the list that's for sure. 

Corn and butter - Cafe Paci, Sydney

Cafe Paci's corn and butter dish definitely won the title of most innovative or reinventive dish of the night. Almost everyone was bemused at this so-called corn and butter concoction but maybe it was just us uneducated folk who wouldn't go past the idea of just a humble corn cob and some butter. Either way, Cafe Paci's rendition of corn and butter was pretty unique, almost like a corn fairy floss. 

Bound by all things delicious, the Omnivore World Tour is a truly fantastic event showcasing all the things I love about food. It was absolutely amazing seeing all the unique gastronomic creations at the event by passionate and surprisingly friendly chefs. It was great to be surrounded by food-loving people who were truly passionate about sharing mouthwatering morsels. I would highly recommend checking out some of the events when the tour rolls around again.

2014 Omnivorious by Badoit
Australian National Maritime Museum

Disclaimer - I was invited to attend Omnivorious by Badoit by Exposure PR however I was not paid and all opinions are my own.