Friday, April 18, 2014

Cake Bake & Sweets Show, Sydney Olympic Park

I was beyond excited to attend the Cake Bake and Sweets Show a few weeks ago but wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first time and I was there by myself. I was surprised how big and immensely popular the show was. There was a massive queue outside the entrance before opening and the hoards of sweet-loving patrons eagerly stomped through the Sydney Showground. Definitely don't do what I did and head to the event on an empty stomach because while there's an abundance of sweet treats to buy, there are very few non-dessert options for lunch. I had a pretty fun day but was finding it difficult to keep taking photos while carrying all my goodie bags. I'll leave you with some snaps of my day, needless to say there were a lot of things to take pictures of!

Wedding Cake Walk
I loved the Wedding Cake Walk which showcased a fantastic display of elegant, contemporary, colourful and classic wedding cakes. It was delightful to get up close and personal with such dazzling cakes. The intricate and delicate detailing was mind boggling and I could only hope to be so talented.

Make and Take Classes
Unfortunately I was moving at turtle pace when I arrived so I missed out on all available spots for the interactive classes. The 45-minute hands-on classes gave participants the chance to learn and work with fondant, figurines, 3D cookies, airbrushing, stenciling and more.

Cake Decorating Theatre by Satin Ice
The Cake Decorating Theatre was as the name suggests: all about cake decoarting! The theatre was busy throughout the day with masses of people watching on to garner each and every tip on how to make your sweet treats look as beautiful as they taste. 

Australian Cake Decorating Championships
Similar to the Wedding Cake Walk, the Australian Cake Decorating Championships allowed everyone to get this close to sticking their noses into some of the most beautiful cakes in the world. The cakes in this section were definitely more wild than the cakes featured in the Wedding Cake Walk. The cakes here were colourful, bright, outlandish and brash. The statement cakes were beautifully creative and left you feeling like a kid in a whimsical fairytale land.

The Bakery Theatre by Devondale
I watched a few demonstrations at the Bakery Theatre which focused on the art of baking bread. I've actually never baked bread myself so it was definitely insightful hearing all the tips from the demonstrators and people in the crowd. 

Delicious Kitchenaid by Kitchenaid
The Delicious Kitchenaid theatre became my favourite spot of the show. I got to see demonstrations from a number of talented celebrity bakers in a much more intimate setting than the larger main theatre. The absolutely stunning girls from Pick Your Poison, Taryn and Robyn, were barrels of fun while making their red wine red velvet cupcakes. Their story to cupcake glory started with disaster before they established their wildly successful Pick Your Poison Bake Shop in the States and appearing in the hit show Cupcake Wars. I met Nancy Ho, winner of The Great Australian Bake Off, who was honestly the biggest sweetheart. Nancy recently returned from a stint at the famed le Cordon Bleu and was incredibly generous with her baking knowledge. My absolute favourite demonstrator would have to be French patissier Eric Lanlard who above being just talented was surprisingly hilarious in person.

Lifestyle Food's All Star Theatre
The main theatre was chock-a-block (pun 100% intended) all day long. It was a real struggle trying to weasel my way into a spot to watch the live demonstrations. I managed to squeeze into the side of the theatre to watch Adriano Zumbo and Duff Goldman. Zumbo really doesn't need any introduction which was evident with the hoards of people clinging onto his every word. He made this amazing giant apple macaron I wish I could've got my greedy little fingers on. Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes was infinitely more rock-n-roll than Zumbo while making his ridiculously large burger and chips cake. It was pretty impressive in size alone and was definitely a fun demonstration to watch.

The show was incredibly popular which took me by surprise as I never imagined it to be as popular as it was. It was honestly heartwarming hearing everyone talk so happily about all things sweet. Each and every person seemed to have a genuine passion for baking and food in general. The show was a complete explosion of beautiful things on the eyes that just so happened tasted delicious. A lot was on offer to purchase, from baking supplies to desserts ready to eat on the spot.

A big thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway to the show. I really loved the show and don't think you need to be an avid baker to attend, it's really just a fun opportunity to eat all things sweet.

Cake Bake and Sweets Show
21-23 March 2014
Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

I was invited to attend the Cake Bake and Sweets Show by the show's organisers.