Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lox Stock and Barrel, Bondi

Bagels have had a bit of a renaissance lately; and I for one, am all for it. New deli-style diners are popping up in and around Sydney, even some of the pop-up store variety (yes, I'm talking about you Brooklyn Boy Bagels!) One particular bagel joint I was excited to try was Lox Stock and Barrel in Bondi. 

I tend to avoid Bondi at all costs because traffic and parking is notoriously horrific and fairly unbearable but admittedly there are so many cafes and restaurants I'm closing the door to with my laziness. One miraculous day I woke up with visions of bagels, snapped out of my stuper and made my way to Bondi. If anything can lure me out of my bubble, it's food.

Homemade Brisket Pastrami - Russian Coleslaw, Pickles on Rye $13

What would a place labelled as Deli Diner be without brisket? I'm not a huge sandwich fan but I seriously loved the homemade brisket pastrami. Definitely a filling lunch item, the flavoursome brisket teamed with the creamy and crunchy coleslaw was heaven in my mouth. Topped with tangy pickles, I couldn't have asked for a better sandwich. 

Smoked Lox Bagel - Onion, Caper, Rocket and Cream Cheese $12

For me, the ultimate bagel will always be salmon. You have a choice of plain, sesame, poppy, seeds and spices, onion or wholemeal white the toppings are relatively conservative but that's how I enjoy my bagel so there are no complaints.

You wouldn't think a bagel and sandwich are much to fill the tummy but I was left completely stuffed afterwards. I really enjoyed the food however wasn't a huge fan of the space itself because it was extremely cramped. I had the misfortune of being sandwiched in the middle of a long and tightly packed communal table which meant being squished between a couple mid-argument and two young women who thought they owned all of Bondi. Definitely come for a bagel but try and nab one of the few tables you can have all to yourselves.

Lox, Stock & Barrel on Urbanspoon

Lox Stock and Barrel
140 Glenayr Ave
Bondi NSW 2026


  1. The smoked lox bagel looks tasty and lol at the communal table conversation. It's always a lottery!

  2. mmm that smoked lox bagel is calling to me

  3. The pastrami looks awesome, almost like a reuben but not quite!

  4. mmmmm i could so with this bagel for breakfast tmr!

  5. i've gotta try this place. looks good :-)

  6. OMG that brisket pastrami looks and sounds amaze!! hahaha you're right, one can't call themselve Deli without a pastrami brisket.

  7. man that Homemade Brisket Pastrami looks so good, what heaven is made of!

  8. I found that I was totally stuffed after going here too! The bagels are so filling! And I love really good brisket :)